Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Project No. 1: The Jubilee Terrace Shop Front (Cont'd)

One of the worst things about it being winter, and winter in Ireland, is that the amount of daylight available each day is so slight that I find myself chasing the sun to take photos. But I finally got a chance this morning and yesterday morning...

My work in progress, the Jubilee Terrace Shop Front, has been abandoned over the Christmas period, due in part to the new dollhouse kit and selection of beautiful accessories I received as gifts. I have them laid out for admiring and haven't touched them yet, but I'll write more about them later.

This is my shop front, soon to become an exclusive ladies boutique of the Victorian era.

In my mind I imagine this shop is the dream of an ambitious  lady, intent on bringing the fashions of London and Paris to her own town.

I love the style of the building, the fact that it looks 'small town', and is simple in it's interior layout.

This house isn't nearly as intricate and detailed as houses from the Dolls House Emporium, but I think it is a sweet starter kit for a beginner like me.

The red brick effect is printed paper, and isn't as 'red' as it looks in the pictures - but is more of a rust/natural redbrick colour.

The house came with unglazed windows, which in hindsight, had I been more organised I could have bought glazed windows to replace the ones already in it. But ah well!

As it is, I've put perspex panes into the two front display windows, and left the others unglazed.

The kit came with these frames and lintels, which I painted white. They are quite basic though, so I hope the window boxes and the future addition of elaborate drapes will disguise the simplicity and lack of window panes.

The window boxes started out as an experiment and ended up as a success and are made from heavy grey card painted in a brown 'wood stain' colour.

I layered strips of the card to achieve the authentic wood paneled effect, and the flowers used were purchased from an online craft store years ago and never used until now.


 I also fashioned some leaves on stalks to dot among the flowers from painted masking tape and wire.

All three windows on the second and third floors have these same window boxes. Thankfully, they have taken the bare look from the windows on the exterior view.

The roof is my favourite part of the project so far, and I had so much fun trying to make it as authentic-looking as I could.

The 'slates' are again made from the same grey card as the window boxes. I first cut them to size, and used a round cornering machine, generally used for card crafts, to round off the bottom two corners.

I then glued these slates onto strips of the same card, spray painted them black and let them dry.

When they were dry I used a piece of sponge dipped in grey paint to give the aged, realistic look.

  I love the end result. Next to the red bricks, the roof looks fantastic, and the uneven painting makes it look like a 'real roof.'

The texture is also brilliant. The card dried to a hard finish, so it was perfect for overhangs on the roof edge and above the roof window.

I used any left over strips and slates to make the trimming for around the top window.

 The kit came with a door which I stained in a dark wood effect also, and I added the brass knocker, purchased online.

The door wasn't a great fit for the doorway given, so I've had to leave it open, glued in place. I like the welcoming open door effect it has now though, giving you a peep inside.

I continued the red brick effect all around the window fittings too, as you can see from the picture.

This is in the interior view of the first two floors.

As you can see the layout is basic, with a single room per floor and a stairs complete with bannisters, newel posts, etc.

I've carpeted the entire house in cream plush stick on fabric, and the wallpaper is in shades of gold and cream, with a border and separate lower section to create some depth instead of a repeated print.


Next on the list is to install my lighting, which, I should have done originally before all these other bits, but you live and learn I suppose!

I have purchased these chandeliers for the three floors as I want to do them as separate 'departments', but each with the same look and appearance.

I would have loved to purchase more elaborate light fittings, but I couldn't afford most of the really spectacular ones I had seen. But after thinking about it, I don't think the owner of this establishment would have been able to afford them either!

So, this is what I have done so far with my first kit build. I have been looking through other blogs for inspiration and am bowled over by the beautiful creations others have made, the imagination and expertise is just astounding. I can't wait to dig in and find more advice and fantastic pictures to fawn over, not to mention blogging my dollhouse creations of 2013.

Before I forget to say it, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. Hi -your house looks very pretty, I have just got a dolls house (Christmas present) and just love all the tiny bits and bobs you have.
    Happy new year.

  2. Hi Sylvia, thank you for your comment. I only started getting into dolls house making recently myself and I am now addicted!
    Best of luck with your new dolls house (what a lovely gift!), if you have pictures of your project please share them with me. :)