Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY Crystal Chandelier

So after a long few weeks of zero production in the miniature department, I finally got going on a project I had been thinking about for a long time.

Way back when I started my doll house renovation I had purchased these chandeliers for my boutique (right), but after a few months of blog-hopping I decided that I wanted to try and attempt to make my own instead.

I had ordered crystal beads on Ebay in few different shapes. But the teardrop ones I was waiting on took WEEKS to arrive (from China, silly me), so when they finally got here I could finally start working on my light.

Using the electrical fitting from the light I bought, I sewed/glued/tied/fixed the beads and findings around it until I had what resembled a 'crystal chandelier'.

I didn't take pictures of any part of the process because I wasn't entirely sure if it would actually work out. But it did, and I'm delighted with the finished result. I can't wait to make all the light fittings for the rest of the boutique now!

Here's what it looks like without light; there are four 'lamps' with the curved arms joining these and eight strings of crystal holding it to the light fitting.

And with light:

And that's it for the moment! Next up, my hat display stand!

See you then :)