Friday, March 22, 2013

Stuck in a Rut!

It's been a shamefully long time since I've posted here. My job in 'real life' is taking up a lot of time at the moment (stupid rent/bills to be paid!!) and despite my best intentions to get my bum in gear, I have about twenty mini projects in mind, but none even slightly finished.

So this post will be short and (bitter)sweet unfortunately.

BUT! That said, here are a list of projects that I have started. (They stare at me from various corners of the room in their unfinished states, taunting me. Feckers.)

1. New curtains for my boutique. The fabric is waiting for me, cut out.

2. A display stand for all my mini hats with a mirrored backdrop - a bit like a dressing table. I started making this with a recent craft discovery I had: balsa wood! I never knew it was so soft and foamy (don't mock me!)

3. Crystal lighting features for my boutique. I have the beads, I have the findings....what's stopping me??

I'm blaming this lack of enthusiasm on a lot of things, mainly the fact that it is SO COLD here in Ireland at the moment. Where are you, Spring?

And it's so hard to want to do crafty things when you're creeping from room to room swaddled in four jumpers, multiple pairs of socks and fleecy trousers, hugging the radiators.

As I write, the wind is howling and beating branches against the windows, and although we don't have palm trees here, I imagine the view outside is something like this:

Of course, I may be exaggerating, slightly. 

Hopefully I will get the enthusiasm to make some pretty things this weekend when I have daylight hours, and I'll have something to show you instead of just whinging.

Huge welcome to my new followers and sorry about the lack of posts. I'm really delighted to have you here!

See you soon :)