Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY Cake Stand & Cakes

There's something about a cake stand filled with a yummy selection of desserts that is irresistible to me. It might also be the reason why I have a growing collection of tiered cake stands that are amassing at the end of my dining table in 'real life'. If only I filled them with delicious cakes as enthusiastically as I filled this miniature one!

I started with two miniature plates, purchased online as a set, and a gold link, stolen from an unfortunate necklace.

I wanted the cake stand to tie-in with the gold trimmed tea set from my previous post, so I got out the Judson's Gold Paint and set about changing the trim from pink to gold.

Finished plates:

  Then, with the aid of superglue, I attached the gold link on the bigger plate, and the smaller one on top of it, and...


All it needs is a few French fancies to finish it off.

I made the cakes from Fimo, which I cut into squares, baked and painted white. And, while the paint was still tacky, I rolled them in dust from chalk pastel crayons to give the 'powder sugar-dust' effect.
I then made little cases from circles cut from greaseproof paper which I shaped around the cakes.

And the finished look is, if I can say so myself, good enough to eat!


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